The Dos & Don’ts of Engagement Photo Shoots.

Do: Make Eye Contact with Your Partner

The shoot is all about you and your other half, so it really helps to make eye contact in order to create a story.

Do: Move Around

Loosen up and get moving – your engagement photos will look much more natural if you shift around rather than standing still in just one pose.

Do: Talk to Each Other

Chatting to each other as you have your photo taken is another way to take the pressure off you and also ensure your engagement photos look natural. Keep it positive and light, though – now is not time to moan about that annoying colleague from work!

Don’t: Feel like you have to make eye contact with the camera.

Sometimes making eye contact with the camera can make the pictures feel like your acting, that said, done less intensely it can look very moody, so try both and have fun and of course will be on hand to direct you.

Don’t: Let Your Arms Just Hang

Hold hands, hug or put your arms around each other. Interacting will make you both feel less awkward and make for a more intimate shot. 

Don’t: Be Afraid of Looking Silly

Silliness can make for some great, spontaneous photos, which often become the most treasured ones of all. I love it when you tickle each other for example! 

Don’t: Be Too Worried About How You Look

If you’re too fixed on how your hair looks or whether your eye make-up is up to scratch, you won’t enjoy yourself. Photos can always be edited afterwards, so don’t let an issue like a few stray strands ruin the moment. 

Any question/worries/fears etc. please give me a call!
Love Mark (Happy Bob) – 07590 762936